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Project development in the middle of the road
Zhitong cloud IOT cloud platform is domestic leading technology and intelligent hardware cloud services platform, to solve things developers provide one-stop access equipment management and cloud computing and data platform integration. Intelligent devices connected to the cloud platform and effective monitoring and management, networking solution towards the first step + era, Zhitong cloud networking platform to support the most widely terminal equipment and access protocol, has been able to provide seven mainstream equipment platform and 11 kinds of mainstream Internet access protocol. At the same time, the platform is fully open architecture, providing a large number of cloud and big data platform for the pre integration, the ability to use cloud computing and big data processing capabilities, to provide a level of access to a large number of key Internet business. Whether Internet start-ups or are just beginning Internet transformation of traditional industries and enterprises, can the + Solution for rapid construction of the equipment and application access Zhitong cloud platform, does not require de novo development and operation, they are not good at the IOT cloud applications and services infrastructure, cost savings at the same time, greatly accelerate the cycle of product lines, for a quick return.
Through the practice of professional people to do professional thing, so that customers only focus on their own product business development, and not too much consideration of the background data and service platform construction and maintenance, greatly improve the industry's efficiency, effectively reduce the IT technology threshold, to a certain extent, to stimulate entrepreneurship, increase employment, improve corporate profitability;
By providing a wealth of targeted PaaS services, reduce product development difficulty, save the cost of enterprise development, accelerate product development progress, you can promote the start-up enterprise as soon as possible to achieve profitability, but also to promote the rapid transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

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Zhitong cloud IOT cloud platform is domestic leading technology and intelligent hardware cloud serv


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